When a Fellow offers to volunteer in Durango School District 9-R, certain Durango 9-R security requirements must be met, depending on the type of work he or she might be invited to do. School personnel will direct all volunteer work, and the requesting teacher must ask the appropriate school principal or supervisor to approve the Fellow’s services in advance.

A Fellow serving as an occasional guest lecturer or demonstrator requires no more than the school administrator’s permission, and that should be obtained by the hosting teacher.

Prior to working in any extended, regular capacity in a 9-R classroom or program, Fellows must complete the Durango School District 9-R Volunteer Authorization application form (click here) and submit it in person to the 9-R Department of Human Resources at 201 East 12th St, Durango. A photographic identification is required to process the application. By completing the application process, the fellow agrees to abide by other 9-R stipulations as detailed in the 9-R application form.

Authorized volunteers are defined by 9-R as those who “work without pay on an occasional or regular basis at school sites or other district facilities while engaged in activities that are part of the school program and are performed during the day or as an extension of the school day.” Authorized volunteers will be subject to a background check before the commencement of their service; additionally, some volunteer services will require a fingerprint check (see 9-R application form). Background check costs are borne by either 9-R or D.E.F.; the Fellow may choose to cover this expense him or herself via a donation to D.E.F.

Once a Fellow receives 9-R approval as an Authorized Volunteer, D.E.F. will mark his or her listing accordingly, including the expiration date of any background or fingerprint checks.